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CAT Part NO.188-1019 KIT-ENGINE Conversion(for 966F II wheel loader basic engine)

Part NO. 188-1019
Name Hose
Section Basic Engine
Stock China GuangZhou
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CAT 188-1019 Hose for 966F II ASY #457-4446

457-4446 KIT-ENGINE Conversion -REPOWER , S/N 4YG1-99999; 1SL1-174, Provides A Breakdown OF The Serviceable Parts Required For The REPOWER. Excluding The Engine And Optional Groups , Part OF 455-1837 Conversion AR-MACHINE
Available for : Assembly 4574446
Quantity: 1
Catalog: Wheel Loader
Section: Basic Engine

Grp. Ref. Part NO. Name Modify Note Comments Quantity Maint
5P-1076 5P-1076 WASHER-HARD 13.5X30X4-MM THK 8 N
7X-0474 7X-0474 Bolt M10X1.5X220-MM M 4 N
7X-0515 7X-0515 WASHER-HARD 17X35X5-MM THK 9 N
7X-0579 7X-0579 WASHER-HARD 8.8X25.5X2-MM THK 6 N
7X-7729 7X-7729 Washer 11X25X3-MM THK 4 N
8T-4121 8T-4121 WASHER-HARD 11X21X2.5-MM THK 15 N
8T-4122 8T-4122 WASHER-HARD 17X32X3.5-MM THK 1 N
8T-4132 8T-4132 Nut M16X2-THD M 1 N
8T-4136 8T-4136 Bolt M10X1.5X25-MM M 2 N
8T-4137 8T-4137 Bolt M10X1.5X20-MM M 4 N
8T-4138 8T-4138 Bolt M6X1X20-MM M 11 N
8T-4185 8T-4185 Bolt M10X1.5X50-MM M 2 N
8T-4186 8T-4186 Bolt M10X1.5X40-MM M 3 N
8T-4195 8T-4195 Bolt M10X1.5X30-MM M 4 N
8T-4196 8T-4196 Bolt M10X1.5X35-MM M 10 N
8T-4223 8T-4223 WASHER-HARD 13.5X25.5X3-MM THK 7 N
8T-4226 8T-4226 WASHER-PLATED 10.5X45X3-MM THK 21 N
8T-4779 8T-4779 Bolt M16X2X35-MM M 1 N
8T-4956 8T-4956 Bolt M12X1.75X35-MM M 2 N
8T-7338 8T-7338 Bolt M16X2X45-MM M 8 N
8T-7547 8T-7547 Bolt M8X1.25X30-MM M 8 N
8T-7934 8T-7934 WASHER-HARD 11X21X5-MM THK 6 N
8T-8919 8T-8919 Bolt 1/2-13X1.75-IN 28 N
9X-8256 9X-8256 Washer 6.6X12X2-MM THK 2 N
8T-3490 8T-3490 NUT-WELD M10X1.5-THD M 3 N
198-4777 198-4777 WASHER-HARD 11X25X10-MM THK 1 N
246-0511 246-0511 Spacer 50.3X127X8-MM THK 1 N
301-3004 301-3004 FILM-INSTRUCTION MAXIMUM Coolant LEVEL 1 N
301-3005 301-3005 FILM-INSTRUCTION MINIMUM Coolant LEVEL 1 N
8T-3612 8T-3612 NUT-WELD M8X1.25-THD M 2 N
4E-0019 4E-0019 Boss M10X1.5-THD 2 N
9R-2613 9R-2613 BOSS-WELD M10X1.5X25-MM M 2 N
8T-3597 8T-3597 NUT-WELD M12X1.75-THD M 10 N
7J-5544 7J-5544 Fitting 3/4X16-THD 1 N
344-5673 344-5673 Nut M6X1-THD M 4 N
344-5674 344-5674 Nut M8X1.25-THD M 2 N
344-5675 344-5675 Nut M10X1.5-THD M 6 N
2S-6024 2S-6024 Fuse 5-AMPERE 2 Y
7N-7780 7N-7780 PIN-CONNECTOR 14-GA TO 18-GA 1 N
3K-8782 3K-8782 Fuse 10-AMPERE 1 Y
6T-8115 6T-8115 Nut 1/2-24-THD 1 N
9X-3271 9X-3271 Adapter 1/2-14-THD 1 N
3E-8557 3E-8557 Bolt M5X0.8X39.37-MM M 1 N
9X-5615 9X-5615 Seal INTERFACE, 70-PIN 2 N
100-3245 100-3245 Lamp 24-VOLT, 0.17-AMPERE 5 Y
6V-8382 6V-8382 NUT-HEX 11/16-27-THD 1 N
4E-5724 4E-5724 Washer 7X12X1-MM THK 2 N
203-9007 203-9007 Nut 1-1/2-18-THD 1 N
8T-8729 8T-8729 PIN-CONNECTOR 16-GA TO 18-GA 3 N
5P-4116 5P-4116 WASHER-HARD 8.8X20.5X2-MM THK 4 N
5T-6374 5T-6374 Spacer 10.5X20X40-MM THK 1 N
7X-2622 7X-2622 Washer 22X115X10-MM THK 2 N
8C-8478 8C-8478 Bolt M20X2.5X140-MM M 2 N
8T-4123 8T-4123 Washer 3.62X5.75X0.375-MM THK 4 N
8T-4131 8T-4131 Nut M20X2.5-THD M 2 N
8T-4174 8T-4174 Bolt M16X2X120-MM M 4 N
8T-4183 8T-4183 Bolt M12X1.75X40-MM M 8 N
8T-4189 8T-4189 Bolt M8X1.25X20-MM M 2 N
8T-4191 8T-4191 Bolt M10X1.5X16-MM M 2 N
8T-4198 8T-4198 Bolt M10X1.5X100-MM M 2 N
8T-5439 8T-5439 WASHER-HARD 21.5X45X6-MM THK 4 N
8T-6381 8T-6381 Bolt M20X2.5X120-MM M 2 N
8T-6466 8T-6466 Bolt M10X1.5X60-MM M 2 N
8T-6869 8T-6869 Bolt M8X1.25X60-MM M 3 N
8X-0674 8X-0674 Washer 22X100X10-MM THK 2 N
9S-4185 9S-4185 Plug 3/4-16-THD 1 N
9X-8257 9X-8257 Washer 17.5X30X3.5-MM THK 4 N
6V-8801 6V-8801 Nut 3/8-16-THD 6 N
8T-4896 8T-4896 WASHER-HARD 10.2X18.5X2.5-MM THK 9 N
191-1782 191-1782 Spacer 8.5X12.7X38.2-MM THK 3 N
6C-3241 6C-3241 Bolt 1/2-13X1.5-IN 8 N
0S-1619 0S-1619 Bolt 3/8-16X3-IN 4 N
2K-4821 2K-4821 Locknut 5/8-18-THD 1 N
4L-6454 4L-6454 Bolt 3/8-16X1-IN 1 N
4V-0939 4V-0939 Bolt 5/16-18X1.73-IN 1 N
5C-2874 5C-2874 Nut M5X0.8-THD M 1 N
5M-3062 5M-3062 Bolt 3/8-16X0.75-IN 2 N
6V-3965 6V-3965 Fitting QUICK DISCONNECT 5 N
6V-8556 6V-8556 Nut 1-3/16-12-THD 1 N
6V-9169 6V-9169 Nut 13/16-16-THD 1 N
7X-0440 7X-0440 Bolt 5/16-18X1.75-IN 1 N
7X-0592 7X-0592 WASHER-HARD 10.2X32X5-MM THK 6 N
7X-2534 7X-2534 Bolt M6X1X50-MM M 2 N
7X-2553 7X-2553 Bolt M16X2X40-MM M 2 N
8T-4200 8T-4200 Bolt M8X1.25X16-MM M 2 N
8T-4224 8T-4224 WASHER-HARD 8.8X16X2-MM THK 4 N
8T-8917 8T-8917 Bolt 1/2-13X1.25-IN 3 N
091-1745 091-1745 Washer 16.6X24X1.2-MM THK 6 N
110-6349 110-6349 Fitting AS QUICK DISCONNECT 1 N
329-3356 329-3356 Nut M12X1.75-THD M 2 N
397-9301 397-9301 WASHER-HARD 11.5X20X15-MM THK 2 N
6V-3918 6V-3918 Bolt M8X1.25X50-MM M 4 N
S: 4YG / 4YG (1 ~ 99999)
: (EACH INCLUDES) : (EACH INCLUDES) : (EACH INCLUDES) : (EACH INCLUDES) : : (ABOVE Parts Are Part OF Cooling System Conversion Group 455-1842) : : (EACH INCLUDES) : (EACH Kit Includes Receptacle AS & WEDGE) : (EACH Kit Includes Plug AS, Wedge & Interface SEAL) : (EACH INCLUDES) : (KIT Includes Plug AS, Wedge Nad Interface SEAL) : (EACH INCLUDES) : (KIT Includes Receptacle AS & WEDGE) : : (ABOVE Parts Are Part OF Electrical Conversion Group 455-1840) : : : (ABOVE Parts Are Part OF Power Train Conversion Group 455-1841) : : (EACH INCLUDES) : : (ABOVE Parts Are Part OF Engine Installation Group 455-1839) : : : (ABOVE Parts Are Part OF Hydraulic System Conversion Group 455-1844) : : : (ABOVE Parts Are Part OF Air Inlet & Exhaust Conversion Group 455-1843) : E: Order BY The Centimeter G: Order BY The Inch I: Refer TO Hydraulic Information System J: Order BY The Decimeter M: Metric Part R: Remanufactured Part May BE Available Y: Separate Illustration

*188-1019 Hose Available for 966F II Wheel Loader Basic Engine(ASY #457-4446)
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